Tips for Softening the Look of Your Ginger Kitchen Cabinets

Any kitchen that has ginger kitchen cabinets will no doubt be full of warmth and personality and style.  The ginger shade is just rich enough to add some color to the space but not so dark that it becomes overwhelming.  These cabinets can easily be dressed up with modern hardware for a sleek look or they can work well in a traditional home as well.

Adding some softness to the ginger kitchen cabinets will be important in a kitchen as breaking up the look of wood can help to make the space cozier and more inviting.  This is especially important in smaller kitchens where it may seem as if the space is nothing but cabinets.  Fabrics can help to soften the look of your ginger kitchen cabinets, if you choose the right ones in the right shades.

If you want a traditional style kitchen, try tab top curtains over any windows you may have.  These have a very soft look but with an updated feeling.  Warm earth tones are good for traditional tones; if you have a larger space, you may try something darker than your cabinets but if the space is small, keep the shades light with tan or off-white.

If you prefer a more modern look to you space, white can be a good choice against your ginger kitchen cabinets.  If you have stainless steel appliances, slate gray can enhance the overall look.

Think of soft rugs in the space and linens left on the counters to help make it cozy as well.  Coordinate these with your curtains and other fabrics in the kitchen.  This will ensure you soften the look of your ginger kitchen cabinets and help your entire space to feel inviting and cozy, or sleek and chic.

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