Tips for Accessorizing Against Your Ginger Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing ginger kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen some color and personality without making it seem too dark or traditional.  Ginger is a lovely warm shade that is also modern and sleek and goes well with any color of appliances and a wide range of countertops and floor tiles.

Adding accessories to kitchens will make them even more welcoming and inviting and will create a place for the entire family to relax and just hang out.  The right accessories to go with your ginger kitchen cabinets will be important because the color can be a challenge to complement, and you want to choose something different for traditional looks versus modern tastes.

If you do want a sleek and modern look, think metal and glass.  Silver canisters on the countertops for storage or glass vases can help to bounce around a lot of light and also give your kitchen a very modern and updated look and feeling.  Silver or nickel drawer pulls and cabinets doorknobs are also a good touch.

For more traditional accessories, think dark metals such as bronze.  You can choose this for a clock and for picture frames or other wall art as well as for your hardware for your ginger kitchen cabinets.  This will also warm up the space and may coordinate well when you have darker granite countertops.

Glass containers can coordinate well with your ginger kitchen cabinets when you prefer more traditional items, but choose warmer shades of glass.  Dark tan and autumn or earth tones can bring out your cabinets without competing with them.  These simple touches will make your kitchen look sleek and professionally decorated and inviting and give every inch of it some visual interest while allowing your ginger kitchen cabinets to remain the centerpiece.

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