Quick Tips for Coordinating Your Ginger Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing ginger kitchen cabinets is a great way to warm up your space without making it seem overly dark or drab.  Cabinets that are very dark brown can close in a space and this is not always a good choice when you don’t have much natural light, but white cabinets can sometimes seem cold and stark.  Selecting ginger kitchen cabinets means staying neutral and light and airy, but not bland and boring.

Coordinating your cabinets with your other accessories and surfaces can be a challenge because the color is a bit lighter; you may want to warm up the space with some darker metals and materials or you may want to add some modern touches as well.  If your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light you will want to think about how to add elements that bounce around the light and reflect on the surfaces as much as possible.

One thing to consider is that you may not want to try to match the color of your ginger kitchen cabinets when choosing accessories or other surfaces.  Darker countertops and floor tiles can help to offset the cabinets and really make them stand out.  A light shade of tan on the walls can coordinate and bring everything together.

Warmer colors can also be good for your accents and accessories.  Think of colors of autumn to bring out your ginger kitchen cabinets.  Rusty reds, deep greens and orange, and darker yellows can be better choices than plain colors.  Warm metals like copper or bronze will give your home a traditional feeling, whereas stainless steel and nickel will mean modern touches.  This will ensure you have the right look for your ginger kitchen cabinets and that your kitchen is inviting and has the right tone to match your home.

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