Why You Should Order Ginger Kitchen Cabinets Online

You may be taken aback by the suggestion to order cabinets online, but it can certainly be a valid and even beneficial way to get the cabinets you want at a great price. One type of cabinet that you can order online with ease is the beautiful Ginger cabinet collection. Ginger kitchen cabinets are ready to assemble, or RTA, which means you will have to put them together yourself, but this certainly shouldn’t dissuade you as RTA cabinets are so easy to assemble, all you need is a screwdriver.

There are many benefits to ordering RTA cabinets online. Ginger kitchen cabinets are made of solid maple and have strong plywood sides which give them the strength and durability you are looking for. Additionally, they are a beautiful color that will fit into almost any home.

Buying RTA cabinets online will save money and time and give you added convenience. You won’t have to spend hours in cabinet stores, for instance, only to pay a horribly high price. When you buy online, you will know exactly what you are paying for and you will be able to pick from several shipping options.

Quality is something you should always get, especially when you order online, and RTA cabinets are no exception to this. The RTA cabinets in the Ginger collection are 100% solid wood and will need no glue or nails to put them together. The drawers available in the Ginger collection are all dovetail joints which ensure they will last many years. Finally you will find that cam-lock mechanisms keep everything in place and keep all components of the assembly together.

When you order RTA cabinets online, you should expect to get them delivered to you in approximately ten days from the time you order and you should always expect the utmost degree of customer service, even when ordering online.

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