Adding Drama with Ginger Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not for everyone, but if you have a dramatic flair, why shouldn’t your kitchen reflect your personality? Installing Ginger kitchen cabinets is the first step toward creating a kitchen environment that will be as memorable as you are.

If you are already set on ginger kitchen cabinets you should visit the website of the RTA Cabinet Store. Although their Ginger Maple kitchen cabinets is only one collection amongst their current selection of nearly 30, it remains to be one of the more popular ones because of its versatility. Other than its looks, the price and quality make this kitchen cabinet collection even harder to resist. At only a mere $1,200 for a complete set of base and wall cabinets for a typical 10×10 kitchen, these also come with superior quality.

The doors and face frames are all made of solid maple while the sides are constructed of solid plywood making a solid box in itself. The doors have raised panels with four molded sides giving it a unique look. The drawers are made of solid 1/2″ hardwood and come equipped with Euro epoxy drawer sliders for an effortlessly smooth open and close. Another great feature is their European concealed hinges. There is also no particle board included anywhere in any of the RTA Cabinet Store’s cabinets, creating products that will last you for years to come.

Another great feature of the RTA Cabinet Store’s kitchen cabinets is that there are multiple options and add-ons that will give your kitchen that custom look that you would have never suspected of costing so little. Available in most styles is crown molding, toe kicks, end panels for wall and base cabinets, refrigerator and dishwasher end panels, valences, pantries, oven units, muillon doors, filler strips, rollout trays and the list goes on.

Most people choose kitchen appliances in basic white, almond, or stainless steel. But the appliance manufacturers offer other colors. Imagine the impact of a gleaming blue refrigerator! Fortunately, the sleek and contemporary Ginger kitchen cabinets are strong enough to hold their own against such a striking design accent. You can tie the whole look together by using cabinet handles and drawer pulls that pick up your accent color, or by repeating the accent color in a tile mosaic on the wall along with more subdued creams and pale yellows that coordinate well with the ginger finish of the cabinets.

If you’re not quite ready for such an extreme step, you can still add drama and excitement to your kitchen with strong colors on the walls. A deep, rich paint sets off the paler color of the cabinets, while a darker wood on the floor also accentuates the cabinets. Using warm copper tones to create customized backsplashes, tiling the wall behind your range, or creating a customized range hood will add significant drama to your kitchen, while still staying comfortably within the range of traditional looks.

One way of increasing the dramatic appeal of your kitchen that can be easily changed if you later decide on a more conservative decorating style, is to use faux finishes and trompe l’oeil murals. With this style of painting, you can give your kitchen the look of a sunny Italian vineyard or rustic Tuscan stone kitchen that has been covered in plaster, a look that goes well with the roman arch details on the cabinet faces.

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