How to Add Light to Your Ginger Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing ginger kitchen cabinets is a good way to compromise when you want a traditional kitchen with modern and updated touches.  The ginger color will add warmth and personality without being too light or too dark.  It’s a good color choice as well for many shades of granite you may have on your countertops or slate floor tiles.

Adding light to your space will also be important when you have ginger kitchen cabinets since the color is a bit dark and rich.  If you have a very small kitchen, it will be especially important to ensure it gets enough light.

Track lighting is a good way to update your lighting in the kitchen; choose a stainless steel body for a modern look or a bronze for a more traditional look.  When you choose track lighting you can aim the bulbs in any direction and it may be good to aim a few at your ginger kitchen cabinets so that they have light on their door fronts.

Oversized light fixtures are also a good choice for kitchens today; choose a modern chandelier with six or seven bulbs for maximum lighting.  Today’s chandeliers are not just made of glass and crystal as you would expect but are available in a number of modern designs that will appeal to anyone’s tastes. Another great light source is LED lighting, which is budget and environmentally friendly

Add light to your kitchen and your ginger kitchen cabinets with artwork and accessories.  You might place a framed mirror in the kitchen, across from a source of natural light, or add glass canisters along the countertops.  This will mean extra storage while reflecting that light.  When you do this, you add more light to your ginger kitchen cabinets and ensure your entire kitchen is not too dark and won’t disappoint you with its rich warm shade.

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